Alcohol Addiction: How to Get Rid of This Most Common Addiction?

alcohol addiction how to get rid of this most common addiction

Does anyone exactly know when was the first time that humans created fermented beverages?

There is a little evidence from 7,000 BCE in China, where residue in clay pots revealed that people were making alcoholic beverages from fermented rice, millet, grapes, and honey.

But there is no denying the fact that whoever created alcohol would have never thought that this would become one of the top addictions among the masses and could ruin so many lives in different ways.

Alcohol is easily available in all parts of the world, and it comes in so many varieties that it can be afforded by anyone in society.

Research Shows That Overtime, Drinking to Cope With Stress

While it may serve as a temporary relief from emotional discomfort—tends to enhance negative emotional states between bouts of alcohol consumption. These changes, in turn, can lead to further drinking and cause an individual to become stuck in an unhealthy cycle of alcohol consumption.

Who suffers from alcohol addiction?

Addiction to alcohol or excessive consumption of it affects not only the person who is consuming it but the entire family.

Apart from health and financial issues that are caused by alcohol addiction, mental health issues are another biggest and most common concern caused by alcohol addiction that cannot be avoided.

One of the common mental health problems that occur due to overconsumption of alcohol is that it affects the brain’s communication pathways and can affect the way in which the brain acts in different situations.

A mix of different alcohol types or excessive consumption of alcohol makes it difficult for the brain areas to provide proper direction to other body parts.

It also affects memory and speech, as well as making it tough to complete the desired jobs as people start losing their normal senses. The chances of injuries also get higher among excessive alcohol consumers.

It is also important to remember that juveniles are at greater risk of facing the negative impacts of alcohol consumption in comparison to adults.

This is because alcohol consumption at an early age can alter brain development, probably resulting in permanent changes in brain composition.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) Report worldwide, approximately 3 million deaths every year result from the harmful use of alcohol. This represents 5.3% of all deaths.

Overconsumption of alcohol can also lead to blackouts. These blackouts can be defined as a kind of pause that stops the memory from functioning normally.

When the concerned person is drunk, the blackout tends to block the movement of memories from short-term to long-term storage in a brain area called the hippocampus.

How Do You Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction?

“You are your only hope for a hero,” which means you have to take the first step. Unless you don’t want to say “no” to alcohol, no one can help you, even if you want to. You need strong willpower if you want to get rid of addiction.

Some of the simple yet effective ways that can help you get rid of alcohol addiction are:

Government Policies:

Alcohol is easily available; hence, the government should make strict policies that make sure a particular person cannot get more than a specific limit per day.


There are medicines on the market approved by the government that help reduce the desire to drink in an individual. However, they should be taken only after consulting a certified doctor.

Group Activities:

There are programs in which a person can enroll. These programs invite participation from people in small and large groups.

The aim of these programs is simple: to help those who want to leave the habit of alcohol addiction by engaging them in other activities.

Exercise or Yoga:

Any form of exercise, whether it is weight lifting in the gym, a walk in the park, swimming, or yoga, helps to heal their body and mind.

Family Support:

The family is the closest one to the person who is dealing with addiction. Hence, their responsibility to support the person addicted is much greater than that of others.

They should understand that breaking the habit cannot be done in a day or week. While the process is going on, there will be days when your loved one feels like giving up.

So, rather than leaving them alone, it is recommended to be with them and tell them that it will take some time to recover.


There are many different types of therapies that help patients. A few of them are psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, art and music therapy, online therapy, etc.

Whether you opt for psychotherapy, CBT, or any other therapy, it should be done under proper medical supervision.

You can also search for an alcohol rehabilitation center near you that has an experienced team and excellent facilities. Athena Luxus is one of them, and she has some of the best medical consultants with vast experience in tackling any kind of addiction or mental illness treatment.

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